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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my meal plan?

Yes. Resident students may change their meal plan each academic year by indicating in the space provided on their housing contract.

Please Note: Freshman residents are required to be on the 7 Meal Plan for their first semester with the University, however these students will be given the opportunity to change meal plans for the following semester.

Where can I sign-up for a meal plan?

Visit the UniversityCard Office in the University Center, room 219.

What is a Paw Bucks account?

A Paw Bucks account is a declining pre-paid service account accessed with your UniversityCard. This account provides students and employees with the convenience to make purchases without using cash. All DeSales University students and employees are eligible to open a Paw Bucks Account.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are the funds that come with a meal plan for you to use at all University Dining venues. Dining Dollars are non-refundable and will only transfer from Fall semester to Spring semester so it is important that you stay aware of the remaining Dining Dollars on your account during the semester.

If I do not use all my DeSales Meal in a week, do they carry over to the following week?

No. A meal plan week is Sunday to Saturday. However, our new DeSales Meal program enables you to further utilize your DeSales Meal at any time during dining hours. Since meals do not carry over from one week to the next, it is important that you select the right plan to fit your schedule and eating habits.

How do I know how many Dining Dollars are remaining on my UniversityCard?

You can check your balance at any of the registers in the Food Court, visit the UniversityCard Office during posted office hours, or just take a look at your most recent receipt. We will print your balance at the bottom of your receipt each time you make a purchase. Please Note: The UniversityCard Office will not take balance requests over the phone. Students must make such requests in person and present their UniversityCard.

What if my Dining Dollars are running low?

If you are close to exhausting your Dining Dollars, simply visit the UniversityCard Office or the Bursar’s Office located in Dooling Hall and open a Paw Bucks Account.

Can I treat my friends to a meal using my meal plan?

Yes! If you would like to treat a friend, simply purchase their meal with your dining dollars. But remember you must be present when your UniversityCard is being used. When purchasing dinner for a guest in the Food Court, the cost will be applied to your dining dollars and the guest meal is not considered a DeSales Meal. DeSales Meals are non-transferable to fellow students or guests.

Can someone else use my card?

For your security, you are the only person authorized to use your UniversityCard. Cards presented by anyone other than the student pictured on the card will be confiscated and returned to the UniversityCard office. If you wish to buy something for someone else, you must be present at the time of purchase.

If I am suffering from an injury or illness, can someone purchase food items using my UniversityCard in the University Center’s Food Court for me?

Yes. The University’s Wellness Center or Athletic Trainers’ Department will provide a pass to the student who is injured or ill. The student responsible for purchasing the items will then show the Dining Services Manager the pass with the UniversityCard of the ill or injured student.

What if I forget to bring my UniversityCard, will I be able to eat in the University Center’s Food Court using my meal plan?

Because your meal plan is accessed by swiping your card, for your protection, we can not access your plan without your UniversityCard. Therefore, without your card you will need to use cash to make purchases in the Food Court.

If I lose my UniversityCard, will I be able to eat in the University Center’s Food Court using my meal plan?

Lost, stolen or misplaced cards must be reported to the UniversityCard Office. The card replacement fee is $25.00. If the loss occurs after UniversityCard Office business hours or on the weekends, report the loss to University Police at ext. 1250. The officer on duty will meet the student at the Lawless Center, deactivate the lost card, and issue a temporary card so the student will be able to eat in the University Center’s Food Court. Please Note: Whenever a student reports a lost card either to the UniversityCard Office or Campus Police, the student will need to purchase a replacement UniversityCard by paying cash or charging his or her student account.

How do I open a Paw Bucks account?

You may visit the Bursar's Office or the UniversityCard Office during posted office hours to set up your account and make additional deposits throughout the semester. Paw Bucks accounts must be prepaid with cash, check, or credit card with a minimum deposit of $25.00. Please note: Paw Bucks accounts cannot be calculated into a student’s financial aid package.

Where can I use my Paw Bucks account?

A Paw Bucks account may be used as a form of tender in the University Center’s Food Court, in the Campus Store, in vending, printing, and Dooling Hall's Skylight Lounge, McSheaCafé, and the Pulse Cafe. In the future, a Paw Bucks account will be used in laundry, and other services throughout campus.

Are Paw Bucks account dollars refundable?

Paw Bucks account dollars carry from semester to semester and are only refundable when a student or employee officially separates himself/herself from the university. A refund requires a written request to the UniversityCard Office within 30 days of the student’s or employee’s separation from DeSales University. DeSales University will not refund Paw Bucks accounts that have less than a $5.00 remaining balance.

Can student credit be transferred to a Paw Bucks account?

Yes. If you would like to transfer student credit funds, please visit the Bursar’s Office, located in Dooling Hall, for authorization.

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